Sole Moments Club LLC 2022
Imagine Social Media
where moments connect us

Our Story

Here at Sole Moments Club, we firmly believe that its your moments that matter most. We started this company with the intention of keeping it all about your moments. No ads, No suggestions, No mining your data, No selling your data. Just you and your memories, sharing with family and friends in a safe environment.

Our Reason

As consumers of social media we have grown tired and frustrated with the current state of social media platforms. The constant distraction of ads, suggestions, prioritized posts, political sharing, memes and more...

Our Customers

At Sole Moments Club, our customers are an extension of our family. We believe our customers should spend more time creating moments in real life than on social media. This is why we do not collect our customers' data be used for behavior manipulation nor selling to 3rd parties. Our intentions are to provide piece of mind regarding our customers' data.

Our Vision

Our vision and goals are to provide rich features that revolve around sharing, searching, categorizing, organizing and connecting life's moments with each other in a healthy environment. We welcome and invite you to join us at Sole Moments Club

A new approach to social media.
No credit card required. Just an email account.
/ mo
500 MB moment storage
View 10 moments
Single User
Other limits apply
/ mo
25 Gb moment storage
1 hour video per month
Single User
Search, filter, tag
Club +
/ mo
150 Gb moment storage
2 hours video per month
4 Users
Search, filter, tag
Standard Family & Friends
/ mo
200 Gb moment storage
3 hours video per month
4 Users
Search, filter, tag
Family features
Club + Family & Friends
/ mo
400 Gb moment storage
4 hours video per month
6 Users
Search, filter, tag
Family features
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